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Happy Tuesday, everybody. It’s great to see every one of you except for you over there. So, once again, protesters attacked expensive pieces of art. And no, I’m not talking about my quads, though they are pricey and worth it.

This time it’s an Andy Warhol in Milan, Italy. On Friday, the attention-seeking freaks threw flour on a sports car painted by the pop artist in 1979. Pop artist. Fortunately, the Italian police sprang into action and formed it into a pizza crust. But the event is just another in a trend by young psychotics who vandalize art with food or paint. Although such actions might improve a Jackson Pollock. A little art humor there for all you sophisticates.

And does anybody else find it ironic? The one piece of art they don’t throw soup on is this one. I guess it’s redundant. Now, every time we report on this, I get a little angry. But then again, I’m 5’5″, so what other kind of angry can I get? But the whole point – I am. But the whole point of this vandalism is to get suckers like me to report on their cause. So let’s ignore the cause. I don’t even know what it is. I don’t know what it is. Instead, let’s focus on the freaks who destroy their cause with each stunt, they win over no one.

For every painting they attack, I’ll eat another cow. Hell, I might even push one out of my coal-powered jet. No, but it’s going to be great. That sound they make when they land, yeah. But the big story here, it’s not just gender that’s no longer binary. It’s sanity. Those people breaking these laws appear to be certifiable. Look at them. They’re madness personified. They’re sad, and they’re gross. If they didn’t spend their time throwing vegan corn chowder on Mona Lisa’s ****, they’d have no lives at all.

In the old days, they’d be carted off, placed in comfy cells with padded walls. Kat knows what I’m talking about. You know, thank God I helped her get it straight. You’re welcome, Kat. But now they’re not even bumrushed by security. Judging by how little effort these guards make, you’d think they weren’t protecting a Warhol, but this. I can draw Binky.

In fact, you’ve got to wonder if these aren’t inside jobs. I mean, who lets people into a gallery while they’re carrying containers of flour or paint cans? Not that art museum guards should be SEAL Team Six, but if you see a bunch of nose ring green hairs carrying bags of flour or cans of soup or paint, you can bet they aren’t there to smile back at the Mona Lisa.

Insanity used to be easily defined, but now we’ve redefined unstable behavior as passionate. But you know who else was passionate about the environment? Charles Manson and his passionate family of human scum. Before, we used to look at these people and say, “Well, that’s one point of view.” Now relax while some men in white coats chase you with a giant butterfly net. Remember those nets? Those are great. 

Now it’s, “Wow, they’re so dedicated. Let’s hear them out. They must really believe in this cause to scream in strangers faces and smear poop on the walls.” Or maybe they’re just getting ready to host “Jesse Waters Primetime.” That’s all you need to do.

So we’re now at the mercy of scammers and mentally damaged people. These are desperate, isolated souls with no real sense of the world, and they’re gaining traction. Joe Biden and his pals at the UN climate conference has agreed to pay up to $1 billion in so-called climate reparations to poor nations for damage apparently caused by the West’s fossil fuel use. 

Yeah, let’s apologize for raising the standard of living for 90% of the human population on the planet and be punished by the 10% who couldn’t keep up. Sorry world for the AC, the combustion engine, irrigation systems, sewage treatment plants, dishwashers, electricity. So here’s a couple billion while you continue to burn things far worse than coal.

And here’s the kicker. The world’s biggest emitter doesn’t have to pay a dime. And no, not Eric Swalwell. It’s communist China. And why? Because it’s still considered a developing nation. Yeah, that makes real sense. Calling China developing nation is like calling Dolly Parton a developing female. 

But let’s face it, China is smarter than us. They don’t buy into this progressive ****. They don’t see sex as non-binary. As a matter of fact, they see the world as binary as the computer technology they steal from us. They see the world as ones and zeros. And they’re the ones and everybody else are zeros. And they laugh at us for falling for this crap.

So we’ve now embraced insanity as an alternative lifestyle. It’s the elimination of standards. The destruction of beauty, whether it’s in art or one’s own body. Activists destroy priceless paintings as easily as they butcher their own healthy bodies. It’s like our society is experiencing a sort of a mental illness as a whole. 

Before, if someone couldn’t participate in civilized life, we’d get them help. Now, we can’t even say who’s mentally ill at all. Which might be the new definition of crazy. And most of this stuff is coming out of Tik-Tok. And who owns that? China. It’s a brilliant strategy. Destroy from within by giving the vacuous West exactly what they can’t resist.